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 Modern solutions for today's evolving threats

"...they were proactive in throubleshooting vulnerabilities at (undisclosed) sites and in thinking creatively to solve problems in covering these vulnerable site areas. Their overall performance was outstanding."

AAWIC Film Festival Tribeca NY



Our Services

We also offer a wide variety of security and consulting services including:


  • Executive Protection
  • Threat/Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Risk Management
  • Armed Courier

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Jewelry from Mikimoto, Baccarat, Cartier, VanCleef, Bvlgary and others on magazine photo shoot >$10,000,000 value.

  • Alarm, CCTV and communications sales and installaton.
  • Armed and unarmed escort.
  • A full range of canine services and training.
  • Consultaton.
  • Transportation.
  • Personal security products.
  • Location, plant and event security.
  • Precious metals (Gold, silver, platinum) investments courier.

All installers and agents are certified and insured professionals dedicated to provide you the BEST service available.


Services for the Education and Motion Picture communites include:


  • Technical consultation.
  • Demonstration.
  • Education.
  • Prop firearm and equipment rental, transport and security.
  • Location safety and security.
  • Personnel support.
  • Trained dogs and professional/fully equipped handlers.
  • Tactical consultation.
  • Expert martial arts training and consultation.
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Cast from BET J-List

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With Mike Giliam Fox 5 News

Personnel also available to provide expert witness testimony.
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Caught: The Ice Chest Murder

Documentary about the murder of Anne Marie Fahey and the team of investigators who pursued Thomas Capano, a well-connected killer with the resources to easily slip away.