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Knife Defense

KiNETic Defensives
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Knife Defense 

We have a knife defense program that teaches individuals how to prevent, avoid, survive and prevail in an edged or impact weapon attack.

The edged implement is the oldest tool known to man and a large population of people will carry something from a $2 boxcutter to $1000 custom cutlery.

There is a very high likelyhood that if you are attacked, your attacker will be armed with a knife or other type of impact weapon.

 Your self defense training is not complete if it does not include dealing with impact weapons, whether you are armed or not.

Our knife defense training  also includes the awareness of the legal and civil implications of self defense, as well as the serious responsibility, commitment, dedication and discretion that is attached to this type  of training.

The KiNETic Defensives program also includes the 'Use of Force' class.