Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

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This class covers assessment and urgent first aid techniques, but not in-depth CPR. Basic first aid skills are covered, making this course appropriate for anyone regardless of experience level. No prerequisites are required. A certification can be issued that has an expiration of 3 years and serves as a Basic First Aid certification as well. A minimum age of 15 is recommended for participants due to the serious nature of the course and scenarios.

The American Camping Association has approved the American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid Basics for the Part C First Aider in their accreditation standards. The Boy Scouts of America have also recommended the Red Cross course.

The types of activities and persons needing more advanced training in first aid could be:

    • Hikers and Backpackers
    • Scouting leaders and older scouts
    • Kayakers and canoers
    • Farm workers
    • Utility workers in remote areas
    • Forest Rangers
    • Law enforcement and rescue crews
    • Disaster Situations


Course Outline

  • Types of Delayed-help Situations
  • Emergency Action Steps – Check, Call, Care – in these situations
  • Checking the scene, patient, and resources
  • Contacting help
  • Caring for the patient long term
  • Patient assessment and Record
  • Preventing Disease Transmission
  • Prioritizing Care
  • Treatment of injuries such as:
  1. Wounds

  2. Head and Spinal Injuries

  3. Extremity Injuries

  4. Abdominal Injuries

  5. Sudden Illnesses

  6. Major Bites and Stings

  7. Other types of backcountry miseries

  • Carrying Out the Plan

  • Deciding to Evacuate

And MUCH more!